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Catch Jumping Ducks Game

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  • Endless Joyful Moments: Dive into boundless fun with our B.DUCK AND FRIENDS toy set! Designed to enchant, the bouncing turntable will toss adorable ducklings into the air, sparking giggles and joy among children as they employ their net to catch them. The playful, unexpected popping of the ducks ensures a delightful and surprising play experience every time!
  • Engaging and Interactive Play: Foster interactive and engaged play that helps develop hand-eye coordination and social skills among little ones. Kids will love the challenge of trying to catch the whimsically bouncing ducks using the net, providing not only endless entertainment but also a playful way to build crucial developmental skills.
  • Kid-Friendly & Safety Assured: Tailored for little hands and adventurous spirits, our toy is sculpted from safe, non-toxic materials, ensuring it’s safe for your child to play with daily. The smooth, rounded edges and delightful, charming characters are carefully designed to be both gentle to touch and visually appealing to young children.
  • Easy Set-Up, Easy Fun: Simplicity is key to endless fun! Setting up the toy is a breeze: just attach the duck heads, secure the characters on the bouncy platform, and let the fun begin! The turntable spins and ducks joyfully leap into the air, ready for your child to swoop in with their net.

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These are cute!

"My daughter loves these cute asian style plushies, with their cartoon looks and "kawaii" aesthetic. They can be very expensive in the shops, and the less expensive off-brand ones tend to not have that ultra-soft feel. So she is pleased to report that this one has the great looks and the super soft material she craves so much. She's really happy with it, and no off-gassing smell even though it was vacuum packed"

 Super squishy!

"My six year old loves his boba tea teddy so was very happy when I got him another.

It comes flat packed in a vacuum sealed bag. Once removing you have to fluff up to get the desired effect. Once you have done this it is super squishy. It is super soft to the touch and comfortable to sleep on.

We cut the sucker and string off to ensure safety when sleeping. This would allow for it to be given to younger children"


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